Kara + Robert #KaRoWedding2013 – Same Day Edit (San Diego, CA)

When writing blog posts, I usually think about my experience of the couple.  My experience of KaRo was that they were very caring and giving as well as fun and witty.  When Kara told me how her and Robert met, I was literally lolling for a few minutes.  Fake names and AMAZING pick up lines aside (the story of how they met is HILARIOUS), I always love hearing how couples ended up together.  I met KaRo thru mutual friends (Cheryl + Nate) whose wedding I filmed with one of my mentors in the wedding cinematography industry and dear friend Jason Magbanua.  After the amazing job Jason did on their SDE, I felt quite honored that they would refer me to one of their close friends…no pressure. lol

In line with the thinking of “cool people know cool people”, Kara + Robert were just a joy to work with and film for.  Such great energy about them :).  I could go on and on about how fun of a wedding this was to film however instead of being verbose, i’ll allow the film to do the talking ;).  Enjoy the film!

I had the pleasure of working alongside these amazing suppliers :

Vendors :

Wedding Coordinator – Something Blue Weddings // Melanie Montoya www.melmontoyaweddings.com

Ceremony Venue – The Immaculata Parish

Reception Venue – Scripps Seaside Forum

Photography – Atrero // Karen Atrero www.atrero.com

Florist – Camellia Wedding Flowers // www.camelliaweddingflowers.yolasite.com

DJ – Sound Illusions DJ // Manny De Leon www.soundillusion.com

Hair – Mish Mucho Weddings // Mish Mucho www.mishmucho.com

Makeup – Valerie Von Prisk // Valerie Von Prisk www.valerievonprisk.com

Transportation – Top Dog Limo Bus // www.topdoglimobus.com

Han + Jason “JasHan” – Wedding Love Story & Same Day Edit (Kapolei, HI // Lanikohonua)

So I’ve been racking my brain trying what to write for this blog entry.  Truth be told, this film was ready to be posted a few months ago, however, with the launch of the new site, I held back a few weeks from posting it.  Then when it came time to post it, I drew a blank as far as what to write, lol.

The common thread in my current blog postings are childhood friends and acquaintances.  I’ve known Jason for 14 years.  He was the owner of Hypersquad Dance Co. and I was a student in the original bboy (breakdancing) class.  Thru the years, Jason has made a name for himself in the underground and commercial art communities.  Visit his site  www.newkoncept.com to read more about his art.

When I moved to LA, I met his wife-to-be Han.  Her love of all things “foodie” and  cheerful personality made it apparent as to why Jason fell in love with her.  She’s really an awesome woman and am glad her and Jason found each other :)

This is what I presented during their wedding reception.  Enjoy!

Ann + Bryce – Same Day Edit (Honolulu, HI // The Modern Hotel)

The same day edit film of a long time friend and his brand new wife.  I’ve known Bryce since the 7th grade and the reality has been hitting me more and more as I film each of my friends’ weddings….we’re grown ups.  haha.

Bryce used to hang out at the “Mauka bench” with all of the other kids from Mililani Mauka Elementary, such as myself, in intermediate school (junior high to all you mainlanders ;P).  We all shared common friends, much of whom I’ve known since the 6th grade, so we grew pretty close all the way thru high school.  A fond memory I have of our group was when we all used to wrestle at our friend Sean’s house after school.  A fun tidbit about their reception grand entrance, Bryce + Ann walked out to wrestling theme music and did the DX chop / “suck it” gesture, hahaha.  Too awesome.  It was like a mini high school reunion at their wedding and  It was great catching up with old friends. :)   I only got to meet Ann for the first time a few months ago (about a week prior to the wedding) and I was truly, truly happy that Bryce found such a wonderful woman as his partner in life.  Outgoing and beautiful with a bubbly personality, it was pretty apparent why Bryce fell in love with her.

Imagine my excitement, and admittedly a bit of nervousness, when it came time to film their wedding.  I’ve never been one to worry about my couples’ expectation when it comes to their wedding film and same day edits as I have full confidence in my team and I’s ability, however there’s a small (well ok…HUGE) level of expectation to perform when it’s a childhood friend.  I watched intently as Ann + Bryce saw their SDE at the reception and a big sigh of relief came over me when Bryce + Ann emote with joy as the film finished.

Congrats Bryce + Ann!  It was truly my pleasure being your Hawaii wedding cinematographer :)

The team that made it all happen :

Photographer – Aaron Rideout
DJ – Tony So
Coordination – Finishing Touch (Sandra Williams + KathE Garcia)
MUA – Flaunt
Venue – The Modern Honolulu (Renee Suzuki)
Special shout out to Joel from Studio Red for all his help during the shoot!


Aloha Kia x Hawaii Food Bank // Holiday Commercial

The holidays are upon us.  I do my best to be thankful at all times for what I’ve been blessed with, however it seems that more so during the holiday months, the feeling of thankfulness is magnified thru the sad realization that not everyone is as fortunate.  I had the pleasure of being the director of photography for a television commercial shot for the Hawaii Food Bank in association with Aloha Kia.  I really dug the fact that Aloha Kia was doing a promotion for Hawaii Food Bank that by donating cans, you can get credit towards a purchase of a car.  A nice win-win situation.  ER marketing directed the piece while Daniel B. did the editing. The hamsters hijinks in the background were a nice touch.  In the next coming weeks, I’ll be adding more commercial projects as well as a few wedding same day edits that I’ve been holding back for the launch of the site.


Mr. Spock, Set phasers to STUN! // New website + blog!

A quick ZAP to announce the new attire of Colour Craft Media’s online presence!

After many months of design, performance, and editorial decisions, I was able to find someone that I could trust with the update and refresh of Colour Craft Media’s website + blog.  Check out my awesome designer at 5eleven.net. Thanks to Eddie for an amazing job on the refresh!  His plate is full until early 2013 but if you need a website, give him a shout!

Slowly but surely, a lot of the archived content will be made available again as I clear what I’m able to display.  Some of the reviews have images still being migrated so please bear with us as we’re optimizing live.

Now comes the fun part : Updates :)

Stay tuned as in the next few days you’ll see a myriad of new content.  For starters, one post containing a world famous artist’s SDE + Love Story and another one of my childhood friends’ SDE so check back daily.

Hold onto your hats…CCm is looking to blow you away.  ENERGIZE!

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