Tis the season! // Sharon ‘ Luis – Highlights (Honolulu, HI)

Hawaii Wedding season has begun!

I’m starting off this year’s wedding season with a next day edit / highlight film from the wedding of Sharon and Luis. They flew in all the way from Japan to have their wedding here in Hawaii. Sharon actually contacted me one month before her wedding date and said that she was scouting for hawaii wedding cinematographers and that I was one of her picks…then she followed that up by saying, “and I’m picky :P”! LOL! I was flattered.

Well they had their wedding this past wednesday at an amazing location, Angel’s Bay Beach in Waimanalo. Capt. Howie was their officiant and he had such great and inspiring words to share with them in regards to love, life, and how to love is to live. About 20 people made the trek to Hawaii for their destination wedding, and each one of the guests was very close and special to Sharon and Luis. I felt very honored to have been chosen as their wedding cinematographer to capture their very intimate event. Thank you Sharon and Luis for your warm hospitality! Special thanks to my friend Princeton who helped out during the day. I owe ya one bro!

Without further ado, the Wedding Highlight Film of Sharon and Luis.




  1. Michael Y. Wong Commented on June 14, 2010

    Beautiful. Some huge strides you’ve taken my padawan!

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple.


  2. sharon Commented on June 15, 2010

    Mahalo! Salamat! Arigato! Muchas Gracias! Thank You! I couldn’t thank you enough Colour Craft Media! I knew I made the right choice!

    I loved how Randy infused artistry with reality. He was able to balance all the elements in our wedding highlights…the beauty of the scenery (Angel’s Beach Bay rocks!), the impact of each moment, the special people in our lives, the significance of our vows (oops I am getting emotional here hehe but true!) and most importantly, the concrete portrayal of something that so abstract yet so real!… our love for each other! (ewww too mushy but true! hehe)

    They were so professional! Randy even went out of his way to scout our wedding venue and meet Captain Howie. So if you couples are reading this blog, trust me Colour Craft Media is the way to go cuz they will not only make you feel like Hollywood stars but also make you feel as part of their family, they really put a personal touch in their craft…

    I can say that… for them…wedding cinematography is an art and not just plain business…

    you guys are the best!
    we love you!

    Sharon and Luis

  3. Gladys Commented on June 15, 2010

    Congratulations Sharon & Luis,
    You’re such a good looking couple! May your wishes and dreams for each other come your way. Stay in love and the best is yet to come! Such a pleasure meeting you both! Thank you for sharing your vimeo…. Aloha –Gladys

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