Eunice ‘ Prince – E-session Teaser Film (Brooklyn, NY)

With E&P’s wedding day fast approaching, we wanted to put out a nice teaser film for their guests to build more anticipation for their big day. They wanted to incorporate things that happened in their daily lives. The section in which she showcases her dance skills was one of my favorite scenes to shoot, being a fellow dancer myself. A few of her dance troupe members from isa[dance] were cool enough to dance with Eunice the night we arrived (despite it being SUPER late) and bust out a special dance routine made especially for this film.

This was my first time in the big apple and I was happy to spend it creating this piece. Got to explore the city briefly as well as visit B&H photo video. 2 huge store levels of photo/video gear….I’m proud to say I walked out doing minimal damage to my bank account ;). Thanks for James Pizarro from red Bicycle Media for the assist and Brian Jones from iDream Images for his help. It was a LONG 7 hour drive for us and we turned around a day after and made the same drive back to Ohio. Then, the next day after we got back, I made the drive back with Brian Marks to Staten Island to film another wedding. I’ll share that one as soon as it’s done :). Brian Jones shot the engagement photos, you can see them here : Eunice & Prince – Engagement Session Photos



  1. Brian Jones Commented on September 15, 2010

    Nice work!!!!

  2. Todd Commented on September 18, 2010

    Great work! I especially like the dancer shot from underneath the plexiglass – cool perspective.

    Just curious – what setup/gear do you use for your steadicam shots?

  3. Randy Commented on September 21, 2010

    Hi Todd, for this project I used a steadicam pilot with a 5dmk2 with a 17-35mm lens. I also fly with a 7D and 17-55 2.8 IS so I could get tighter flying shots to force perspective. The glass floor was pretty cool, lucked out there ;). Thanks for watching and commenting!

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