Currently in the Batcave…editing.

Hey true believers (it’s a Stan Lee quote if you’re not a comic book reader :P ),

Super short update.

We’re still alive, don’t worry ;).

I’ve been getting emails upon emails wondering why the blog hasn’t been updated. Simply put, been buried under a pile of footage :). Working hard to get these final edits out to couples as well as continue to service new ones. In this industry, it’s always a balancing act between editing, shooting, signing new clients, and keeping the previous ones informed/happy. I do my best to personally answer all the emails and inquiries within 24 hours, except for the days when we’re off island shooting, so for those waiting for an email, it’s coming! Just returned from the outer islands so playing catch up again with the pile of emails in the inbox. In regards to blog updates, stay tuned for some new wedding films in the coming days as well as some industry insight into what gear I use and recommend. I also have a few corporate films that I’ve shot in collaboration with a california based ad agency that has finally been cleared for display. (woohoo!)

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you an article I wrote for the event filmmaking industry’s leading magazine, EventDV! Here’s the link!


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  1. Todd Commented on May 25, 2011

    Great article on EventDV!

    Couple of questions on it though (when you have time)

    1. You mentioned when you shoot your own gigs you bring 2 extra camera bodies in addition to the 5DmkII and 7D – How are you managing all those cameras by yourself?
    2. Which tripod/head combination works well for you when you travel?
    3. If you are shooting a wedding with multiple cameras (assuming by yourself) How are you getting around the 12 min record limit on the Canons?
    4. What are you using for audio recorders?
    5. I noticed in the photo you travel with what looks like a shorter version of the Atlas-10 than the one you had for review. I bought the longer version and being mainly a one man operation, it’s really cumbersome taking it to a shoot.
    How much lighter is the shorter one (is it the flt version?) and have you had to make any compromises in your shooting when using the shorter track?

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